Poems of Nandhamizh Nangai

Nanthamizh Nangai belongs to the younger generation of women poets. She was born in the year 1979.  She started writing poems in 2005. A soft-spoken poet with strong conviction on the core issues of life and literature. She has a doctorate in Tamil studies to her credit. She is working as an assistant professor in Stella Mary’s College, Chennai. Has been contributing poems, articles and reviews in various literary magazines in Tamil. She has compiled texts of plays by women dramatists.

Her first poem collection captioned   Mayiliragai Varudum Nirvanam with 70 poems, reveals the sensitive poet in her.

She can be reached at nanthamil.nangai@gmail.com


  1. Mirror


In those moments

when I happen to listen to reasons incomprehensible

the sky turns pale and starts descending

With the pressing burden

weighing so heavy with a whipping suddenness

slaps on the head

You might spill stories of

Coincidental falling of palmyra fruit

synchronizing the alighting  of a sparrow

Flowing belatedly

even the breeze would scorch and burn


You try to bring back the cool breeze

feigning incomprehension.

Oh, please stop

Go about doing any other work

This ‘she’

is not some peacock-feather

but a mirror smeared with mercury.



2.Myself in Her


Wiping off my squeamishness

and embarrassment

In her

she makes an image of

me too

The dancing damsel

Adorning the corridors of the shrine

With boobs exposed.



Embracing tightly the tears that clung to Earth

Heavy downpour lashed around.

The bubble that came alive

Underneath the water

After several moments of being alive

Would deposit my broken self too in the underground sewage

Or the lake with the swell of garbage.

With norms turning bitter

even one little drop proves



Translated from Tamil by Rajaram Brammarajan

These poems were originally published in http://www.museindia.com and published here with their kind permission.