Nadodi Manam e-book (downloadable)

Nadodi manam-in e-book format(pdf)

This is the pdf form of the full book titled Nadodi Manam. Since the book is out of print for the past 4 years I am offering this download for a limited period of time for the readers who do not have a hard copy. I haven’t included the cover page since I didn’t design it.

Rough Index of Authors discussed:

1.Franz Kafka 2.T.S.Eliot.[Tradition and the Individual Talent] 3.Four Quartets(T.S.Eliot) 4.Ocatvio Paz (Poetry and History) 5.Amy Lowell and the process of creating poetry 6.Paul Valery and his poetics 7.Miraslav Holub 8.Antonin Bartusek 9.Cesar Pavese 10.Charles Bukowsky 11.Ivan Goncharov(Oblavmov) 12.Yasunari Kawabatta (The House of Sleeping Beauties) 13.Gabriel Garcia Marquez (General in the Labyrinth) 14.Herman Hesse (The Steppenwolf) 15.Albert Camus (The Plague) 16.Samuel Beckett(Watt) 17.William Faulkner (Sound and the Fury) 18.Alexander Solzhenitsyn (Cancer Ward) 19.Andre Gide(The Counterfeiters) 20.Primov Levi (The Periodic Table) 21.Jean Genet(works) 22.Henrich Boll 23.Salvador Dali 24.Poets,lovers and madmen 25.Arthur Koestler