The How of Questions



Rajaram Brammarajan

And how is the bamboo flute
How is the pigmentation of the croton
How does the wild streambequeathed to you flow
How is the bamboo shootHow is the communication with the youthsans chance of progeny
How is Sadananda’s frenzied dance
How does the lone gold fish
swim in your fish pond
The river springing from the flute lingers in the alap of Ahirbhairav;
the plant wilted;
the pot remained solid mud;
the ear unable to hearturned into a mere ornament-a grinning metal;
Bashfully loosening her sareebared her shoots of breasts;
before even the tap was turned onwater ceased;
now and thenthe entire universe centers in madness
Even swim-aware death in the waterand that wish is real.

Translated from Tamil by M.S.Ramaswamy and T.K.Doraisamy